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“Remove The Fear – 3D Surgical Guides & Narrow Diameter Implant Overdentures” by Dr. Paresh Patel

"Here’s How You Can Remove The Confusion Of Dental Implants In About 90 Minutes”

(At last there’s a "cookbook” approach to safe, long-lasting implants)

Earn 2 CE Credits

Price: US$127.00

“Tax Strategies For Business Professionals” by Sandy Botkin, CPA

"Sandy Botkin Has Saved 50,000+ Taxpayers MILLIONS OF DOLLARS On Their Taxes!”

(And at Destin, 2015, he showed our dentists how to cut their taxes in half... legally, morally and ethically!)

Earn 2 CE Credits

Price: US$127.00

“Selling Dentistry: Ethically, Elegantly, Effectively” by Janet Hagerman, RDH, BSDH

"Revealed At Last... The Unbridled Secret To Killer Case Acceptance”

(See what the treatment triad can do for you!)


Earn 2 CE Credits

Price: US$127.00

“Dental Coding: Tricks Of The Trade” by Roz Fulmer

"Dental Coding Tricks Of The Trade”

(How to maximize CDT codes to create a profitable practice)

Earn 2 CE Credits

Price: US$127.00

“The #1 Investment For Dentists Today: Your Practice” by Dr. Taylor Clark

"Want To Know Why Dr. Clark Gave Away His 2014 Red, Mustang ConvertibleTo A Patient?”

(This is the best presentation you will ever hear on creating a 60% referral-based practice!)

Earn 2 CE Credits

Price: US$127.00

“Cracking The Top 1%” by Dr. Mark Costes

"With Two Simple Changes, A Doctor Increased Net Income By $128,300 Without Increasing Production”

(Via this collections and overhead formula)

DVD Plus... BONUS CD "Protocols To Systemize Your Practice"

Earn 2 CE Credits

Price: US$127.00

Top Sellers

Reed, Dr. Omer

90 Second Crown Prep DVD

Price: US$47.00

Hoos, Jeffrey

Painless Injections DVD

"Now You Can Get Painless, Profound, Predictable Anesthesia Without Topical, The Wand, or VIBRA JET”

Price: US$77.00

“Atraumatic & Efficient Oral Surgery: New Concepts & Technology For The General Dentist” by Dr. Karl Koerner

This Is Flat Out, TheBest Oral Surgery Course Ever!

(Why this Utah dentist has limited his GP practice to oral surgery for the past 15 years)

Price: US$117.00

Rossi, Bill

Smart Strategies and PPO Plays DVD 

Price: US$97.00

Vertical Dimension of Occlusion Device

Here's A $20 Device That Accurately Measures VDO And Saves Big Cases, C & B Or Dentures!

Price: US$22.50

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Horrocks, Howie and Mark Dilatush

Horrocks, Howie and Mark Dilatush

Counterintuitive Thought -
Prerequisite To Effective Practice Promotion

Our PriceUS$147.00

A Presentation So Good, They Had To Present It Twice!
(How we avoided a riot at our "Spring Break-Survivor Seminar")

There I was resting comfortably in my room at the Orlando Hilton, when one of my team members put out the 911 call.  It seems that the room we selected for renegade marketers, Howie Horrocks and Mark Dilatush (New Patients Inc.), was too small!  About 75 people (including two very angry doctors) were upset that they couldn't get in to hear their presentation. 

     How was I supposed to know (in advance) that these two marketing gurus would be that popular?  After all, I've been "educated guessing" which speakers(s) to put in which size room for 19 years and I've usually gotten it right.  But not this time!

     So we offered to refund the unhappy guy's tuition or pay for his airfare back home, but that wasn't good enough either.  So what we ended up doing was twisting Howie and Mark's arms UNTIL they agreed to present the same presentation the next day!

      Thanks you guys so much! You prevented a riot - and saved our seminar!  So what did they have to say that was sooo important at a "Survivor Seminar?"

    Well, here's just a glimpse of what they covered:

  • Intuitive marketing beliefs and traps
  • How counter intuition works best in 2010
  • Why high fees may severely penalize you
  • Why low fees can give you a competitive edge IF they're NOT too low
  • Why the "insurance price" is often the "preferred price"
  • How demographics affect fees
  • Why females care more about quality and benefits rather than price
  • What three things surprised Howie and Mark in their consumer survey
  • What four things (marketing) you MUST do now
  • What surprised them?  The perceived value of technology
  • The Value Gap (an overview)
  • Why intuitive marketing budgets may no longer work
  • Why promoting to the middle or high end of the patient pool makes sense
  • Market during good and bad times: why?
  • How to build a "Rock Solid" practice
  • Why you MUST diversify your marketing budget for long-term success
  • Why the dentist to patient ratio is more critical now than ever before
  • How the marketing results you are tracking could be wrong!
  • How to calculate ROI?  Wait a minute! That's not right!
  • Which marketing is best?  "Cookie Cutter" or 100% "Custom Designed?"  (Sure about that?)
  • Why the power of the Internet is not realized by most dentists
  • Why an effective (not cute) website is mandatory

And a whole lot more!

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No recommended products at the moment.

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