“The Ultimate Hygiene System”


(Your shortcut to creating an incredible hygiene department that will supercharge your business, your wealth and your life as a dentist… even if you are on “life support” now.)

Good Morning Doctor –


     Imagine what it would feel like to have an incredible hygiene department that runs smoothly (and profitably) and keeps your side of the book filled with the kind of productive dentistry that you enjoy doing.


Š          A hygiene department that produces $25K/month/hygienist

Š          A hygiene department that does all the selling and takes the pressure off of you

Š          A department that keeps 75% of your patients in the recall/recare system

Š          A department that can easily increase hygiene production by $220,000 in one year

Š          Hygienists who know (and understand) the shocking truth about Case Acceptance and Patient Retention

Š          Hygienists who know the secret of connecting and gaining rapport with nearly every patient


     Sound too good to be true?  Well, it’s not, and once you learn how to do this you will also create what one of our Destin attendees likes to call…


“Operation Money Suck”


     Now please don’t be offended by his term, what he means is that when the hygiene department is systemized and incentivized… patients receive incredible care and you make a ton of money. “When hygiene is happy… everyone is happy!”


     So what is the “Ultimate Hygiene System”?  Well, it’s actually a group of five products (modules).


     Here’s what’s included:


“Here’s How To Master The “Bu$ine$$ of A $uccessful Hygiene SYSTEM”


     Unfortunately most dental practices in the United States have “weak” hygiene departments.  By “weak” I mean they produce below the ADA “Standard Care” and they don’t do well financially. Sound familiar?


     So when we were putting together the 2011 Spring Break Seminar… I went after (and got) the #1 hygiene “numbers” person in American… Hugh Doherty, DDS, CFP.  Dr. Doherty is widely considered as having one of the best informed management and financial minds in the dental profession.


     He is a certified financial planner (fee only), investment advisor, national lecturer, author, management and financial coach to the dental profession. A former dentist, he established the largest fee-for-service dental practice in New Jersey before turning his full attention to helping dentists dramatically improve their professional and personal lifestyles.  He founded and is CEO of Doctor’s Financial Network, a company dedicated to coaching dentists to develop and implement cutting edge strategies.


     His effective coaching emphasizes the management of the business aspects of a practice which is critical for doctors to successfully achieve their financial goals.  Over 27,000+ hours have been spent working with his clients that call him coach, consultant, mentor and friend.  He was selected for 13 consecutive years by Dentistry Today as one of the outstanding consultants in dentistry.


     Dr. Doherty will teach you the following:


           How to make hygiene a profit center

           How to create a team that motivates and respects the doctor

           How each hygienist can generate an extra $30-$50K/month for the doctor

           Establish a standard of care protocol

           Create an experience that patients can’t find elsewhere

           The correct way to monitor the stats of the practice every day

           Why and how to do a DISC profile on all staff people AND the doctor

           The anatomy of a “Cutting Edge” practice (amazing FLOW CHART)

           Why every financially healthy practice is driven by a hygiene SYSTEM

           There are only two individuals who can control hygiene productivity

           Problem / consequence / solution = doctor

           The bare minimum ($) your hygienist should be producing with eight patients per day…


           “Why is my hygienist producing $1,268+/day and yours is only doing $924?”

           Grand Huddle / Quarterly Productivity / Profitability Review

           “Total Practice Control…  FLOW CHART…  amazing!

           Why every bonus system should be based on net profit… Whoops!

           Total hygiene production – salaries – benefits… what?

           Hygiene compensation:  1/3; 1/3; 1/3

           Hugh’s 25-step, hygiene ACTION plan

           17 procedures every hygienist MUST do

           Oh, did you forget the American Red Cross Oral Cancer Exam?”

           Why your hygienists should be the best “sales person” in the practice

           Hire a hygienist by the DISC profile… no exceptions!

           Why you need a “Hygiene System Manual”

           Why 30-40% of the doctor’s schedule should “happen” because of the hygienist(s)

           What does this tell you if you don’t have a hygienist?


And so much more!


  Hey, if you are serious about creating an efficient, profitable hygiene team, you need to order this DVD and implement its suggestions ASAP!


If 30-40% of your schedule is NOT created by hygiene…

you really need this product!


Most Dental Offices Are Leaving $75,000 - $150,000/Year ‘On The Table’ Of The Insurance Companies… Due To Coding Errors!”

(Even if you “don’t take insurance” you gotta hear this, and then you will know why!)


     Don’t know about you, but I’d be more than upset with handing the various dental insurance companies an “extra” $75,000-$150,000+ a year.  Now, to be perfectly clear, I’m NOT talking about illegal coding or billing for dental work that was not completed.  That is total FRAUD and you can actually get “jail time” for that.  So, unless you look good in ORANGE or B&W stripes… please, read on.

     Roz Fulmer has over 100 answers to insurance coding challenges… here are just a few:

Š      If you do not accept assignment of reimbursement but file insurance claims for patients, do you still have to notify the insurance company that a courtesy was given to the patient?


Š      If you are contracted with an insurance company and a patient has met their annual maximum, a claim has been filed, are you still required to do the write-off?


Š      If an office is contracted with insurance companies, iss it best to only submit their allowed amount or should our regular UCR fees be submitted on claims?


     So, I’m guessing that you too don’t know the answers to all of these questions?  Me neither, and that’s why every dentist and dental team needs to purchase this DVD and absorb everything on it.


     Here’s just a small segment of what Roz shared:


Š      Why you must have Charles Blair’s “Coding With Confidence”

Š      The #1 Dental Insurance Newsletter that you MUST have in order to stay years ahead of your codes and red flags

Š      Pearls to benefit reimbursement for patients with PPOs

Š      The four D-game:  Denied Coverage, Delayed Coverage, Deprived Reimbursement, Destroyed YOUR Claim!

Š      Why Box 15 could be the #1 reason for rejected claims

Š      The 6-year old claim form…Is this the right one for me to use?

Š      The questions about your software deadlines that you MUST ask!

Š      A fail-proof system for daily filing of your claims (great scheduling tip)!

Š      Is the “insurance on file” box checked?

Š      Box 39 = Denial + Delay!

Š      IOC… a MUST HAVE in maximizing insurance claim acceptance

Š      When to be specific and when a generalization will work

Š      When sharing with the team should be a ritual

Š      E-Claims… how to review your reports and eliminate future errors

Š      How often you should run your aging report?  How will this maximize efficiency?

Š      How to educate your patients about maximizing their claims

Š      The best ways to utilize primary and secondary insurance for your patients

Š      The only time that secondary is guaranteed to pay!

Š      Denial forms should be a ritual to what?!

Š      Expected time frames for payment from secondary plans

Š      EagleSoft… primary and secondary navigation

Š      The correct protocol for overpayments… what to expect in these situations

Š      What to do with zero-fee procedures

Š      Are you aware you pay an extra percentage when you do “this”?

Š      Why this is all a “game”!

Š      5 Secrets To Claim Appeal

Š      The correct way to physically document claims

Š      How to understand where all of your claims are actually going

Š      What to NEVER use on a claim

Š      Two words to always look out for

Š      How to explain self-funded plans to patients who are paying premiums

Š      D0160 – Why this is only for these two groups of people…get it?

Š      When to fight over D0120 and D0150… don’t back down!

Š      If an insurance company overpays on a claim – is it possible that they will deduct that overpaid amount from another claim (even if it is on another patient)?

Š      Using medical cross coding for ____ , ____ and ____              

Š      If you are mailing claims, how many do you put in each envelope?

Š      Why are you using “snail mail”?

Š      Self-funded vs. Fully-funded plans?

Š      Delta dental and BCBS are managers (or administrators) for an Employer’s plan… these plans do not fall under the state insurance commission office… a few things for you to look for on the these types of cards

Š      Are you using more than the common three exam codes?  Why?

Š      Understanding code D6973… the Bridge Build-Up Code

Š      Understanding the revisions to the code D4355… why it isn’t going to be a prophy code anymore!

Š      Additional codes for root canals… here they are!

Š      Correctly deciphering D0140

Š      D0170… who can you use it on?  When?

Š      What is the trick of acceptance of photos vs. x-rays for dental claims?

Š      The two reports that you should run daily


And so much more!


     There are 84 more codes (and tricks) to “Coding with Confidence,” but YOU have to discover all of this YOURSELF via this amazing set!


No kidding… net an extra $75,000 - $150,000+/year!



“The Shocking Truth About Expanded Hygiene… Revealed At Last!”

Vicki McManus, RDH center stage at our Destin, Florida Seminar!

(A blockbuster breakthrough in hygiene care for every patient.)


            Maybe it’s time that you re-visited “expanded hygiene”?  Back in the 80s heavy metal music was king and “expanded hygiene” was billed as the greatest thing in dentistry.  But something went wrong… “expanded hygiene” morphed into a creature that raised the hygienist’s blood pressure and left their patients feeling cheated.  But that was then and this is now. 


Do you still have an 80s hygienist producing less than $800-$1,000 per day?  Perhaps it’s time you revisited “expanded hygiene” 2008 style?


            Enter Vicki McManus, RDH… one of the brightest and most energetic hygienists I know.  She left clinical hygiene – due to some changes in her personal life – to become a hygiene coach… so she has 20+ years of hygiene coaching experience.


            More recently she has started working with Dr. Bruce Baird of the Productive Dentist Academy to help dentists and hygienists be more productive.  The result has been a tremendous program to help your hygiene department evolve!


            On our recent telephone call, Vicki said that I knew more about assisted hygiene than anyone she knew.  But after the call, it was obvious to me that Vicki wins hands down.


Here’s what you’ll learn on this audio CD of our conversation that will revolutionize your hygiene department:


Š    The secret of “hybrid” assisted hygiene

Š    How to handle the $38/hour (?) you’re paying your hygienist

Š    How one failed hygiene visit per day sucks $76,000+ from your retirement fund

Š    Instead of adding another hygienist (and $38/per hour salary)… do this

Š    The magic of “Power Hygiene Days” (you’ll love this!)

Š    How to handle peak time without adding another hygienist

Š    The two ops per hygienist concept

Š    How to get a Diagnodent for 50% off and why it is now the standard of care (by law) in some states.

Š    Why Thursday is the ideal day for Power Hygiene

Š    Why supply and demand dictates department expansion

Š    How to put your recall/recare reminders on autopilot

Š    The “magic number” for adding a second hygienist


“Super!  Terrific!  Best of the weekend!  Yea!”

- Jan Underwood


Best Course of the Seminar!  Thank You!

-Michele Lash


“Wonderful information.  Time well spent!  Loved ‘Mr. Ferrell’.”

-Dr. Ted Beasley


Š    A precise formula for calculating the number of days of hygiene you really need

Š    The #1 hiring mistake most dentists make in the hygiene department

Š    How to get a 150% boost in hygiene (almost overnight)

Š    What happens when 1,600 people are in the recall system?

Š    Relieving “Prime-Time Stress”

Š    The all-important cost per day formula

Š    How to leverage the cost of each hygienist

Š    Some great advice on IOC (Intra Oral Cameras)


And much, much more!


The ROI for this product is “off the charts”… it will help REVOLUTIONIZE your hygiene department and make it 150% more profitable!



“Do You Really Have A Practice Within A Practice?”

(It’s a question that many dentists –

“Should I, Shouldn’t I?” - ponder everyday!)

     Maximizing a practice for greatest profitability is always a top priority for any dental practice.


Most dental teams incorporate many approaches to help improve practice productivity, ranging from expensive marketing strategies to the newest technologies.  An area that is often overlooked, however, is the hygiene department.


     In years past, the hygiene practice was considered a “Loss Leader.”  Not anymore!  Today, the dental hygiene department has become “A Practice Within A Practice©


     Revamping the hygiene department to meet the needs of today’s business environment can revitalize a dental team and maximize income for the practice.


      In this fast-paced, information-filled presentation you will learn:


Š        How to increase the department’s production as much as 50% per month

Š        How to increase the number of hygiene appointments annually

Š        How to improve case acceptance percentages by utilizing the “Closure” statement more effectively

Š        How to develop a stronger product-based practice

Š        How to develop a periodontal program (as it relates to the philosophy of the practice)

Š        How to establish and monitor practice statistics as they relate to national averages

Š        How to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of scheduling for productivity “Create an Ideal Day”

Š        The role a dental hygienist plays in the Three R’s of Marketing… Retention, Reactivation and Relationship

Š        The proven internal and external marketing strategies that the team can enjoy being involved with

Š        The ideal “Co-Assessment” skills which will help the team work together to achieve patient treatment acceptance as well as patient trust, loyalty and satisfaction

Š        How using these systems (and others shared during the program) will instruct each professional individually

Š        Tools, tips and scripts which will support your quest to reach the pinnacle levels of productivity and profitability for many years to come

Š        Why your hygiene department should produce 40% of your total office production

Š        How to convert your “staff” to a “team”

Š        The four types of leaders… the qualities to look for in your team leader

Š        How to be a “Number Cruncher”

Š        How to be a “Customer Service Rep”

Š        How to be a “Teacher”

Š        How to be the “Scheduling Coordinator”

Š        How to be a “Reactivation Coordinator”

Š        How to be a “Marketing Expert”

Š        The ten most critical elements of a successful hygiene management and marketing plan

Š        Ten simple, low-cost marketing programs to jump-start your management plan


And much, much more!


     This product will give you all the tools you need to market (and organize) your hygiene department so that it’s a “profit maker” rather than a perpetual “loss leader.”  Cindy uses her MBA training to create a specific plan for hygiene financial success!!!


“Simple Formulas: Healthier Patient = Healthier Bottom Line”

(Could it really be this simple?)


        I was sitting with a group of doctors over coffee at my annual Spring Break Seminar and the question came up:  If you really wanted to set your hygiene department “on fire” who would you bring in?


     I mentioned several years ago when coaching, one of our members decided to bring in Wendy Briggs, RDH for a fee of around $9,000/day.  He said that was one of the best suggestions he acted on all year… and she was part of his collections going up nearly $850K in one year!


     As we talked about the experience, names came up and the one that came up the most often was Pat Worcester, RDH.  Frankly, I had not heard that much about Pat… but decided right then and there that I was going to invite her to Destin and attend her seminar that day.


     What a shocking and mind blowing experience!  Here’s just some of what she covered in this fast-paced presentation:


  “Mission Possible”

  Illustration of a highly profitable hygiene department

  Perio affects 80% of the population… WHY aren’t we treating 80%?

  What percentage of your hygiene department is in therapeutic treatments?

  What percentage is prophy based?  Seriously!?

  Who’s really active in perio and who’s not?

  A quick formula for determining exactly how many people should be in your continuing care  


  A simple formula to analyze the practice to determine the number of hygiene days needed per

    day… like 8.8

  Let’s calculate this truth

  How to determine the exact number of hygiene hours needed per week

  Why would you multiply 20% x the patients in your continuing care program?

  A 6-step process to schedule each patient accurately based on their individual need

  The 5-step Best Hygiene, “Mission Possible”

  Divide the number by 48 (Oh, I didn’t think about that)


And so much more!


     What I really liked about this lady was that she gave lots of great information… not to the point of putting you on “overload.” Have your team watch this DVD 2-3 times until they’ve got it for life.


To make more in hygiene you have to master the hygiene

department and these DVDs are a great starting point!



To recap, here’s what you’ll receive with the Ultimate Hygiene System:


If you are ready to take the shortcut to creating an incredible hygiene department that will supercharge your business, your wealth, and your life as a dentist with “The Ultimate Hygiene System” please click here or call 1-800-337-8467 TODAY!


  William W. Oakes, DDS